Malteser International, Germany has been supporting the initiatives of Pro-Vision since 2007. A decade long partnership has enabled Pro-Vision to respond to the emerging needs of the persons living with HIV/AIDS and their family members in Tirunelveli District.

Through Malteser International, Germany, the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development, Germany supported Pro-Vision since 2008 to 2010. The current project Nellai Vasanthangal is also partially supported by the BMZ.

Pro-Vision Youth Welfare Foundation South India partnership began in 2015 in working with children with disabilities aiming at early identification and interventions. The ongoing project Learning DISABILITY Centre is supported by SJZI.

Since April 2016, Pro-Vision works in partnership with:

Patengemeinschaft fur Hungernde Kinder e.v.Hamburg, Germany
Patengemeinschaft for Hungering Children,A�Kolenchery, Kerala

A vivid combination of Infrastructural Facilities, Financial Assistance and Medical and para-medical support is the uniqueness of the partnership.

Spil Helpt with their expertise and vast experiences in working with children with learning disabilities and behavioural problems, associate with Pro-Vision and provide Technical, Material and Financial support to run Learning Ability Centres and work with schools and poor families with children with disabilities.


PRO-VISION has been working in Tirunelveli District since 2003 in partnership with:

Arumbugal Trust,
No 9, 21 st Cross
Maharaja Nager
Ph: 0462 2584373

Peace Trust,
15, Kuruchi Road,
Tirunelveli – 627002
Ph: 0462 2579889

Centre for People’s
10/216, Surandai Raod,
Tirunelveli District
Ph: 04633 250661

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72, Main Raod
Tirunelveli District
Ph: 04634 252982