Learning lessons in working with the adolescents, a three year project facilitating the marginalised adolescents to become matured adults was commenced in Tirunelveli District with the support of BMZ / Malteser International, Germany in August 2016. The overall aim of the project termed “Nellai Vasantangal” is Improvement of health and education situation of marginalized adolescents of Tamilnadu in India” targeting, 3000 adolescents in Tirunelveli. The implementation model of the project aims to organise around 2,000 adolescents into 70 adolescent clubs. Within one year, the planned clubs are promoted and efforts are on to strengthen them.

Through club meetings, life skill education (LSE), home based counselling and trainings the adolescents are enabled to develop self-acceptance and self-confidence which reflect in their daily living, family life, interpersonal relationships and social life.

Underprivileged Adolescents have access to higher education

The most deserving 100 underprivileged adolescents are supported for higher education. A regular saving scheme is set up together with the parents and community: 50% of the savings are contributed by the project, 25% by the parents and 25% by the community. The combined money is deposited in the individual child’s bank account on a monthly basis. The duration of the recurring account may be 12 to 36 months depending on their grade of study. The amount is fixed such a way that when the child completes 12th standard, it would get around INR 40,000 which could be used for her / his higher education. It is worth mentioning that but for the educational support, the poor and vulnerable adolescents particularly Adolescents Living with HIV (ALHIV), Adolescents Affected by HIV (AAHIV) and Adolescents with Disability (AwDs)would have never imagined to be able to pursue a higher education due to the costs involved.

In addition, the project extends career guidance to around 2,000 adolescents from the rural and remote areas, where professional guidance for higher education is not available. This helps the adolescents aspiring for higher education to choose courses of their taste and relevant to their future goals.

Underprivileged adolescents improve their life skills

With the help of a well- designed training module, LSE sessions are conducted regularly to selected adolescents. Life skills are practiced in an imaginary situation, which could be applied to real concrete life events. The LSE sessions aim at enabling nearly 1,500 adolescents to enhance their life skills and face life challenges more confidently and competently.

Health seeking behavior of Adolescents with HIV and adolescents with disabilities improves

The project pays special attention to nearly 100 is Adolescents living with HIV (ALLHIV) and about 750 Adolescents with Disabilities (AwDs). Regular trainings are conducted to ALHIV on ART and health care and to AwDs on self-care and use of aids and appliances.

Training on ART enables the ALHIV to understand the implications of ART and better adherence and subsequently better health. The AwDs who attend the training on self-care gain clarity on paying attention to their special needs and the relevance of aids and appliances appropriate to them.

It is a network project implemented jointly by Pro-Vision, Arumbugal Trust, Peace Trust, Centre for People’s Education and Aussi CODES. To achieve these the project team is oriented, guided and trained through different activities. Overall co-ordination, monitoring and review by Pro-Vision ensures effective project implementation. The partner directors are fully committed to achieve the objectives of the project and all the partners work with the common goal in mind.

Capitatlising on the strengths of different partners, the work in Tirunelveli steadily progresses since 2003 responding to the emerging needs.


Though Pro-Vision is legally responsible for the entire network project, in addition to the four partners, Pro-Vision also works directly in Valliyoor, Kalakadu and Radhapuram blocks of Tirunelveli district.

The project implementation progresses in the right direction towards the attainment of the results of the project.