Began in 2013 with adolescents infected and affected by HIV, Pro-Vision expanded its horizon to include adolescents with disabilities and other marginalised and vulnerable adolescents. Through well designed strategies, Pro-Vision facilitates integrated development in nearly 4,000 adolescents from Kanniyakumari and Tirunelveli districts through interventions facilitating health, education and life skills.

The post tsunami interventions of Pro-Vision in the coastal villages of Kanniyakumari paved way for an in depth understanding of the issues confronted by the tsunami affected people particularly the youth and children. As the co-ordination of tsunami relief and rehabilitation activities were gradually withdrawn, Pro-Vision explored the possibilities of intervening in some of the specific issues identified.As adolescence is an age of stress and storms, in the tsunami context, the coastal adolescents faced more difficulties in coping with the situation. With the small financial support
extended by Fr. Stemplinger from Germany, to work with the tsunami affected adolescents
in a few selected villages of Kanniyakumari district, Pro-Vision initiated the intervention in 2007. At the field level, PATHAI worked with the adolescents.The goal of the project was, Integrated Comprehensive Development of the AdolescentsA�from the selected coastal villages of Kanniyakumari district.The specific results are:

  1. education-in-indiaImproved health and nutritional status of the adolescents
  2. Increased access to high and higher education to adolescents
  3. Improved life skills to face life confidently and comfortably
  4. Enhanced integrated personality of the adolescents

The specific events undertaken under this project include: