The COC is located at an eye pleasing rural environment at Mylaudy, Kanniyakumari District.

COC consists of out-patient and in-patient departments. In our out-patient department children can be seen the whole year round. Priority attention is paid to children with foot deformities, such as clubfoot and to children with neuro-orthopaedic disorders like cerebral palsy.

The German doctors and para medicals visit COC every year for about three month. During this period medical interventions are carried out under the technical guidance of German medicos. Surgeries for the poor children are sponsored by the Germans. In 2017, they reviewed 128 patients in 159 sessions and 41 surgeries were carried out on 28 patients.

In the process Gerdi Agasthiyar Muni Children and Maternity Hospital, Vellamadam and Krishna Kumar Orthopaedic Hospital, Parvathipuram collaborate with us.

After the operations the rehabilitation is very important. A stationary rehabilitation is possible in the same centre under the doctors and therapists supervision.

COC was originally established by Dr. Juergen Zippel a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon from Hamburg, Germany in 2004 at Mylaudy, Kanniyakumari District and over 1,600 children have benefited so far.